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    5050 Sharemilker: 1 June 2022

Reference no: 8HR1424
Posted: 20 Sep 2021
Salary: 5050 Sharemilking
Location: Tomorata, New Zealand
Duration: Contract
Start Date: 1 June 2022

Your opportunity to work with us to create your own great story…

  • 5050 Sharemilker
  • Northland
  • 550 cows


Our sharemilkers of nine seasons have bought a farm and we couldn’t be happier for them. Over their time with us they’ve treated this farm as their own, they’ve worked exceptionally well with our farm consultant, they’ve dedicated themselves to the farming profession and they’ve achieved outstanding results.  We’ve all reaped the rewards of a highly caring, respectful, communicative and open business relationship.


Now we’re looking for a new business partner where the same mutually beneficial rewards can be enjoyed.  Could this be you?


So, a little more about the business and the farm: 


I believe in co-operation, communication and performance.  As the sole owner of the farm I place a huge trust in Paul Martin, my farm consultant of eight years.  We work closely together and Paul works closely with the Sharemilker.  I live on the farm and I’m looking for someone who will treat this place as their own; you certainly won’t see either Paul or I day to day…the farm will be yours to run and the responsibility of performance and asset protection sits with you.  The guidance and support provided by Paul will help set you up for success; but more importantly will provide you with a sounding board and unparalleled technical support to help you run the kind of farm system that works in Northland.


We have a monthly meeting with myself, Paul and the sharemilkers, and I’m always keen to hear how things are going and to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to support you and your business.


The farm is on target for 210,000kgMS this season.  Last season the team were just shy of 205,000kgMS and there’s still more upside to be had.  We’re on 220ha effective and have a 65ha runoff 1km from the farm.


From an infrastructure perspective the farm is well set up with a 40-bale rotary shed and concrete feed pad.  Our expectation is that there would be three team members in the Sharemilker’s business to run the farm, and relief staff to ensure the business is sustainable. There are three well-maintained houses available on the farm.


Tomorata, where the farm is situated, is close to towns with good schooling options with Wellsford 15km to the east and only 25mins from Warkworth.  For those who enjoy the city life or have family near by, Whangarei is one hour north and the Auckland CBD is one hour south.    


We’re keen to get our future for the dairy season starting June ’22 wrapped up before Christmas so if this sounds like the kind of team you could not only work with but do really well with, we’re keen to hear from you.  No8HR will be your first point of contact because they know and understand us and this will also give you the opportunity to talk frankly about what you’re looking for and if we could be a match.  So give them a call today on 07 870 4901 to start the ball rolling!