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    North Canterbury Assistant Manager opportunity

Reference no: 8HR1385
Posted: 23 Apr 2021
Salary: Negotiable
Location: , New Zealand
Duration: Permanent - Full time
Start Date: 1 June 2021

Let’s face it, it’s no fun being a 2IC when all you’re doing is supervising the pasture plan when the farm manager is away, or bearing the brunt of responsibility and then getting landed in it when things go wrong, or if there are no real opportunities to show your stuff or grow your skills.


And this is why an Assistant Manager role Ngai Tahu Farming trumps other 2IC roles you might see around the place.  Because at Ngai Tahu when you’re an Assistant Manager you really are:

  • One of the leaders on farm
  • The holder of more than just a job title to make you feel good about yourself, this is a real leadership job that will make you feel proud of yourself, what you do and the results you get
  • With an Assistant Manager role at Ngai Tahu you really are leading a team, even when the manager is there.  With at least four full time team members on our dairy farms (and casuals when it’s busy), your leadership and management skills will be used every day…not just when the Farm Manager is away
  • You’ll be joining a diverse community where all nationalities come together to nurture the land, the animals and our futures together…in our business we genuinely value the team and how our on-farm leaders get their teams humming 
  • You’ll learn from us and we’ll learn from you, and we’ll all come out better off.  Whether it’s your technical skills, your focus, your strength and determination to live your best life, we will value and reward it


Now we know that it’s hard to find great developing leaders, so we know that you’re in demand.  We also know that finding the right opportunity where you can get the right balance of autonomy, decision making, and team management experience, along with the development you need to fire up your career is also hard…but that’s what we’ve got at Ngai Tahu.   


Combine that with the investment that’s been made in modern cowsheds with ample bail to cow ratio, and pivoted VRI irrigation, and this means this role ticks the boxes for a great farm as well as a great opportunity 


So let’s talk…we will no doubt need to discuss the obvious questions at some stage, but let’s start with the important stuff…what do you need for your career, family and life?  Then let’s talk about what a great workplace looks like to you and what kind of manager is going to get the best out of you?  Then let’s talk about whether we’ve got an opportunity for you on one of our North Canterbury farms that might fit tick the essential boxes for you. 


Great Assistant Managers in our business have great careers and, if they want to, often go on to other careers, whether it’s on-farm, in dairy farm support roles or into other parts of our business.  Being a Ngai Tahu Assistant Manager on one of our dairy farms is a great place to grow your dairy career or start your career in a business that is focused on success for everyone.


Give our recruitment partners a call today so you can get the real story about how we deliver on these promises and can make your next move the right one for you and your family.