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    Dairy Career Opportunities….Northland’s never sounded so good!

Reference no: 8HR1382
Posted: 16 Apr 2021
Salary: Negotiable
Location: Northland, New Zealand
Duration: Permanent - Full time
Start Date: June 2021

If you’ve a hankering for a sunny climate and the associated great lifestyle but don’t want to limit your career then here’s an opportunity you can’t afford to go past.


Nestled in the Mangakahia Valley between Kaikohe and Whangarei is a hidden gem of a dairy business where the Manakahia Valley Dairies Trust has invested heavily in the land, infrastructure and the careers of their people. 


With five farms operating on system 3-4 (depending on the season) this is a business that has been set up for success in recent years and one where your efforts, energy and enthusiasm will find a home and the opportunity to thrive.


This is a business that judges on their merits, not their looks.  


‘We have found that the slimmest girl can be just as effective as a burly bloke, and a fully tattooed guy can be beautifully gentle with our girls.  We take people where they are and as long as they do their job, we are very happy to support them however far they want to go.


‘And as well as performance, what matters in this business is the team.  Pulling your weight, staying clean and considering others are core values and part of the way we do things around here.’


And with six dairy farms in total (one’s up in Matauri Bay), dairy support and beef finishing blocks along with a contracts division, this is a business of scale where your career can thrive.  Recently a 2IC has been promoted to a manager position, four junior team members have got new (bigger, better, faster) roles around the farms and there’s an internal training plan in place that’s showing real results in terms of building skills and positioning people to be ready for that next move.


With a clear supplementation plan on the farms sitting alongside a ‘grass is king’ philosophy these are roles where you’ll learn and be part of the business of dairying (and with a recent Dairy Business of the Year winner coming from Northland, gone are the traditional views that highly profitable business can’t exist ‘up North’).


Current vacancies for June ’21 include a farm manager role (710 cows), a 2IC and some operational team member roles (think farm assistant or herd manager).  


Interested?  We’re not surprised!  Give us a call or Apply today to find out if these exciting opportunities are right for you.